Thursday, January 31, 2008

and right on cue...

Here's the would-be White House returnee and First Man, Bill Clinton, explaining in no uncertain terms what must be done to reverse Global Warming.


Good grief. Clinton is seriously proposing a deliberate foot-drag, a process that will cause much higher unemployment, reduce government revenue drastically and destroy what remains of the value of not just housing but any big ticket item at all.

Because in this scenario, nobody would be buying much of anything.

Not to mention that when the Dem majority on Capitol Hill saw a shrinking economy, they would flinch like frightened deer and wheel en masse toward the chamber to pass MASSIVELY higher taxes. Gotta get back the revenues we've lost, or else "the poor and minorities will be hardest hit".

And in a cycle of misery, higher taxes will result in even less business activity, even more unemployment, and plenty more misery to go around for everyone.

Oh, and have you seen what world markets did when our 'housing crisis' began?

They fell off a cliff. The entire world owns a share of the loans, you see. They buy derivative investments, bundled loans that are based on American homeowners paying their mortgage loans on time. So when 4% of American loans went a bit in arrears this last fall, even though 96% were ON TIME and doing fine, the entire world dropped about ten to fifteen percent in its markets. They still haven't recovered.

If Bill Clinton says it, Hillary believes it. We must slow down our economy, 'for the grandchildren'.

And McCain is totally sold on the whole global warming thing, taxes on carbon, etc. He sounds like the New York Times when he talks about it.

Big tax increases are coming. Business is flinching, well in advance. Saving Romney in the primaries is our only option, and if we can't pull it off, we're in for some real economic pain.

And as the libs in the press always rush to point out, "Poor, Minorities Hardest Hit".

All for the purpose of sacrificing at the altar of Gaia. Global Warming is truly a religion now, with its convinced minions who shout down and try to destroy skeptics and voices of caution.

We must act NOW, or the planet will be DESTROYED! The time for debate is OVER! The science is SETTLED! Taxes on business are the only way to reduce carbon emissions!

For the good of the planet, man, we must slow this economy down! It's the economy, stupid! IT'S TOO GOOD! Something must be done NOW!


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