Saturday, January 19, 2008

Senior Editor for Golfweek Magazine thinks he works at New York Times, Doesn't Know When to Shut Up.

This jerk takes it on himself to continue a non-story that is already over, thanks to the adult and mature responses by the principals involved.

Kelly Tilghman picked the wrong expression, entirely innocently, while joking about Tiger Woods on the Golf Channel.

Tiger says no big deal, I like Kelly, it was a non-story. Kelly says I apologized to Tiger and to anyone who was offended by what I said, you gotta know I didn't mean anything by it.

Everyone agreed.

Golf had to endure a brief moment of Al Shrimpton's nose under the tent, but it appears the whole thing has ended.

Until this jerk put this picture of a NOOSE on the cover of Golfweek, a magazine that sells almost no copies on the newstands-- it's 99% subscription-based (or was, before everyone started cancelling their subscriptions). He considers it his personal duty to cause a public dialog about race in golf, which nobody in golf wants to talk about or even cares about.

He notes that almost no black people came to a golf trade show, and this anecdotal observation is supposed to support his case for putting a NOOSE on the cover of a GOLF magazine, to talk about race, based on an entirely innocent turn of phrase which is forgiven and forgotten.

He's been fired, and is annoyed about that. He seems to even now believe he's in the right, and golf has a race problem.

But as a golfer, I can categorically say that I've never heard any of my golfing companions indicate anything about race in golf, including the black guys I run into repeatedly on the courses I play. Nobody cares. Nobody's interested. Tiger Woods has done a million times more to bring young black people into the sport than this jerk of a liberal journalist ever will. And nobody ever mentions Tiger is black, not ESPN or anyone else. Because it doesn't matter to anyone, it's a non-issue. He's the greatest golfer ever, period. He's refused every effort to co-opt him into race politics; he points out that he's half Thai anyway, that racial stuff is not his concern, that he just wants to play golf. And help children. God bless his sensible and compassionate and mature soul, and thank you Earl and Kutida for bringing him up right.

And a generation from now, who knows what the numbers will be? Things are changing for the better. Can't we all just play golf?

If we golfers wanted to read about race and politics, we'd pick Newsweek. For golf, it was Golfweek, until now.

On the surface, it looks like he's shattered his career; I'm not so sure. I think he might actually get HIRED by the New York Times.

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