Friday, January 18, 2008

THis is just sad...

Here's an LGF post including a BBC news story on the British National Party.

I put this up to illustrate a sad tendency of today's uneducated disinterested superficial pleasure-seeking Western people; because they consider themselves 'moderate' in their politics, they don't really stand for ANYTHING. And so, in order that everyone might feel that they are in fact heard and represented, there arises a party like the BNP, or the Vlaams Belang in Holland and Belgium.

A party that is unabashedly whites-first, and against immigration and foreigners.

Because MOST western people suffer from classic 'white leftist guilt' over the acts of previous generations (never mind that all nations have squalid histories, and white people aren't any different from the rest of the world), we are unwilling as a group to speak FOR ourselves and take on the visible threats of the worst of our immigrants, legal or illegal-- the threat to destroy our culture, to supplant it with theirs, to in fact enslave us in an ideology and religion we do not want but don't have the courage to reject.

It is therefore the Nazi types, the White Power types, who alone will stand up and be counted on this. We already know where their ideology leads and we reject it. We don't want a repeat of the 19th or 20th century; that's part of why our left feels so guilty in the first place.

But why is it that White Power types are the only people who will defend Western culture? (columnists and bloggers aside :-)

Why is it that normal, mainstream Westerners in Europe and America flinch from defending their culture, and further, reach out so ridiculously far toward the East or Africa or Mexico that they just fall face down in their silly desire to appease and please everyone?

As Shelby Steele so profoundly said, it's white guilt. They look at their own pleasant lives, consider the past, and feel guilty that they're doing so well and that it might have been 'at the expense' of someone with darker skin at some historical point.

So they overdo the make-good, to make THEMSELVES feel better about THEMSELVES.

Silly, really, because no man is guilty of what his great great grandfather did. But they FEEL guilty.

It's all about them, on the left. They aren't really trying to make life better for the easterners, the foreigners; they're just trying to make THEMSELVES feel better. They want to look out on a population of all colors and cultures living happily together, then pat themselves on the back for their grandness and charitability. It's just feel-good bilge that doesn't take human nature or history's lessons into account.

The motivation is all wrong, it's selfish, and that's why leftism doesn't WORK and will destroy the culture we love.

It is unacceptable that we leave the defense of our culture to Neo Nazis. They, after all, don't really get our culture. They're exclusive, not inclusive. They think that those 'others' are by their nature inferior, that race is the difference maker. It just isn't true.

We normal sensible westerners differentiate between culture and race; all human beings are equal, but all cultures are not. Western style democracy, for all its faults, has enabled the most people to live the best lives ever. Advances abound, education is widespread, suffering is minimized. Western culture is a strong net plus for humanity, and it takes a peculiar self-inflicted blindness to miss that.

Churchill said that democracy is the worst form of government in the world, except for all the others. :-)

And yet the normal moderate or liberal westerner, the inclusive non-racist in the West, is going too too far, trying to do the work of radical Islam FOR them by making us into a Muslim culture without a struggle, feeling guilty over past injustice and present imbalance and thinking-- no, FEELING-- that they need to hand it all over so they can feel less guilty.

The word "jihad" means struggle, specifically for Islam in all the forms that such a struggle can take, including work and talk and war.

It seems that if we permit our left to continue to lead, they'll take the jihad right out of the jihadis, and instead of the battlefield they envision, it will be more like a red carpet rolled out for them.

I will never be a white-power guy; the concept is as phony and self-refuting as any race-based concept can be. ALL races share their humanity, and humanity itself is the source of all the problems as well as all the greatness and nobility and achievement.

It's a human problem; but it's in the soul, not the DNA. White power isn't the answer; thoughtful assessment of cultures, and the courage to call good cultures good and bad ones bad for the right reasons, is what this world needs.

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