Thursday, January 17, 2008

More good news in a bad news world

It seems that, in spite of the best efforts of the Hillary crowd, our younger generations are actually becoming more responsible and old-fashioned.

Here's another example.

Of course, it's sad that I consider 1.2 MILLION dead children as evidence of a GOOD trend, but it is. American women have been told for thirty five years or more that killing their own children is no different from getting botox or having a mole removed. Tissue mass. Medical procedure.

And I still don't understand how an entire country can be so easily convinced that the heart of the discussion lies with the MOTHER's rights, while never addressing the pertinent and critical issue-- when does a human being become a human being?

If you were hunting in the woods, and weren't sure whether you were looking at a deer or a man, would you just shoot anyway?

If you were driving your car and couldn't tell if the thing lying in the road ahead was a trash bag or a human being, would you just step on the gas and drive on through?

If you really weren't sure whether it was a person or not, would you just blithely kill it and worry about the humanity thing later?

Hopefully not. But that's exactly what we do with the abortion thing. We kill now and ask questions later, but mostly never.

Easy for me to say, I'm a man, yada yada, I get that. But I am also a RATIONAL man, and rationality demands me to settle the question of whether it's a person or not before I settle the question of whether I have the RIGHT to kill it; after all, the right to kill it is PREDICATED on whether it is a person.

Because nobody has the RIGHT to murder someone.

Good to see that the younger generation of American women is availing itself less and less of these slaughterhouses, even though part of that is due to newer drugs that do the same thing.

I hope and believe in our youth, and I do believe abortion is not as acceptable to this generation as it was to those past.

I've known more than one woman who's had at least one, and in every case I'm personally aware of, there is much anguish and self doubt, many tears, even decades later.

It may seem convenient at the time, but it is a brutal wound to choose to inflict upon yourself.

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