Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Iranian comedy....

The story of the Iranian naval provocation is serious enough... another second, they say, and those speedboats would have been toothpicks, and then of course world recriminations against our dangerous and out of control military would have ensued.

Which, I'm sure, was the purpose of that provocation.

But after hearing the radio recordings, I couldn't help but giggle. That deep, ominous, threat-laden voice-- "you will explode in two minutes".... it was like some old radio show villain from a generic foreign country, or a "Mission Impossible" bad guy.

My fave milblog Blackfive has links to video of the Phalanx gun system in operation, and he asks the Navy respectfully to be sure it's a woman firing the weapon of choice up the butts of the Iranians when the time comes.

"you will explode in two minutes"... cue villain to twirl mustache and say moouaahahahaaa... :-)


HarMegiddo said...

to be honest, it sounded fake. mission impossible wouldn't sound that oafish.

DavoGrande said...

Well, sure, it was a 'failed audition' for the Mission Impossible generic villain.

But it sounded more like bad showbiz than dangerous military provocation.

I guess its good I'm not manning the weapons... I'd be giggling instead of shooting.