Friday, January 18, 2008

One can only laugh....

Here's a story rocketing around the world on the Associated Press wire, from one Shannon McCaffrey, which explores the new reality of the generation gap in terms of a black vote.

Older black people, Shannon says, are lined up behind the traditional leadership of the post-MLK movement and planning on voting for Clinton.

Younger black people, most meaning no disrespect by it, are not following that lead and are instead investing their hopes in Obama.

I'm already bored with politics and have stopped paying much attention this year, at least until the actual election, but I had to laugh when I read Shannon's conclusion.

She believes that this age-based split in black voting plans is proof that "the black vote today is anything but monolithic."

Heh. Will it be this liberal Democrat, or the other liberal Democrat? Gosh, I just can't decide.

As always in AP news stories, it is written as fact, not comment.

I suggest, Shannon, the you check back with us around the second week of November, and bring the black vote breakout from that presidential election with you.

We'll see how non-monolithic it turns out to be.


John Rich said...

You do exaggerate, but not by much. Why, the Republican nominee might garner as much as 11 percent of the black vote (which Bush did in 2004).

Also voting in lockstep, seemingly against their true interests, Jews in America vote for liberal Democrats (Bush got about 20% of the Jewish vote in 2004).

I don't see much change this year, unless Obama gets the Democratic nod. Then the percentages for him will likely increase among blacks, and among Jews who don't bother to read about some of Obama's unsavory friends.

Like the song goes, "when will they ever learn?"

DavoGrande said...

Blacks had NO reason to identify with Kerry or Edwards.

They already identify with Hillary through Bill, and of course Obama would be a natural.

I predict no more than 8% of them will vote Republican this time.

In a country where winning an election is called a landslide if you win 65-35, I think 92% can safely be called monolithic. :-)