Saturday, January 26, 2008

Double standard at work

Try to imagine what would have happened if this female ESPN sportscaster had been drunk at a comedy roast and shouted out "F*ck Mohammed! F*ck Mosques!"

She would most likely have a fatwa target on her forehead and be living under an assumed name, and her employers would have bought millions of dollars worth of ads on every network to denounce her and separate themselves from her.

As it is, "F*ck Notre Dame! F*ck Jesus!" gets her a one week suspension.

She is a typical media type, insecure and superficial, seeking approval from the people around her, trying to impress, a pretty young girl in over her head, trying to succeed in the man's world of sports.

But alcohol has a way of shifting the decision point, doesn't it?

In her written apology she claims that's not at all who she is.

In vino veritas.

When you get drunk and mouth off, chances are what comes out of you is what you conceal every day, a part of you that good judgment won't let others see.

It wouldn't surprise me at all to see ESPN defending her and claiming the suspension is the right measure, and then a year later, NOT renewing her contract.

Then again, this is the same sports newsroom which gave birth to Keith Olbermann.

Maybe they'll promote her.

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