Saturday, January 26, 2008

The worst, except for all the others...

I"m reminded of Churchill's wry endorsement of western Democratic government-- the worst system in the world, except for all the others.

Little Green Footballs linked to this story about Italy's government in particular, another European-style parliamentary coalition that has failed-- 63 years, 61 coalition governments.

American State-based federal representative republic government, for all it's circus-like stupidity and corruption, for all it's shameful mediocrity in the person of its elected representatives, is SO much better than that Euro version-- with no regularly timed elections, and with no chance of a single party majority because of too many small special interest parties.

So the small parties, often with just a few seats in the parliament, offer their support to one or another large party based on promises of pursuing the one-cause agenda of the small party.

And the bigger parties promise away all their future flexibility, bargaining for a majority, and in the process cripple whatever majority they manage to cobble together. Too many competing voices in that 'majority' proves it isn't a majority at all, but a convenience-based group of groups.

Which reminds me a LOT of the American Democrat party, of course. Gays, women's libbers, union types, greenies, default supporters of Islamism, Bush haters, tinfoil hatters, everybody with their own little agenda, often in conflict with one another, united only by their hatred of conservatives and Christians and Bush, and by their desire to inflict their little agendas on America.

How does a women's libber sleep at night knowing she's working hand in glove with supporters of Islamism, the most oppressive anti-woman force on earth?

Over in Italy, the story tells us a tiny party with three seats was contributing to the majority, and one of the three ministers defected, changed his vote.

One of the other two shouted "TRAITOR!" A kerfluffle ensued. The 'traitor' fainted and was carried out.

Ah, parliament. Such fun to watch, and the Brits are almost as demonstrative as the Italians.

What this means, of course, is that Romano Prodi, the PM with all the UN connections, is heading off into the sunset. And Sylvio Berlusconi, hated conservative and media titan, the Rupert Murdoch of Italy, is now the strong horse and will probably end up PM for a third time.

Hopefully he'll make it back into office in time to share a celebratory shot of Grappa with Dubya. :-)

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