Thursday, January 10, 2008

Amazing what you find when just browsing...

The blog called Gates of Vienna has two contributing writers, neither of whom is personally known to me, but both are excellent. The main point of the blog is the eternal constancy of Islam's battle with the west, and a desire to educate for the sake of practical solutions; you can't succeed in a struggle when you don't understand the viewpoints and the history and the purposes of the other side.

But today I found sublimity, in this post from a couple of years back. I found a perfect expression of my own passion and sentiment on the subject of Israel, Jews, the Holocaust, and the world's present eager desire to pretend it never happened.

Dymphna is the writer, presumably female and a decade older than I am; but her discovery of and response to the evil that men do to one another is in every sense my own.

The end of innocence. The shock at the callousness of the onlooking world, the millions who yawn at evil. And the determination to be, feel, think, speak right against wrong, and to jump in and clarify when one sees the subject being changed out of boredom and disinterest.

Evil should never be boring. If it is, there is something horribly wrong with you. You are incomplete, not quite human. Evil should provoke a visceral response in every person.

Dymphna, thank you so much for finally finishing and posting this. It moved me in a way I'm finding hard to explain, and I will not forget it.

Common grounds of humanity should be so clearly touched upon more often. :-)

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