Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Rudderless, no course set, but FULL SPEED AHEAD

These files, just a very few from back in the early '90's, are enough to shock even those of us who were cynics and pessimists about the legendary dark shadow of Hillary Care.

The files reveal that nobody knew how to accomplish their goals, how the public would react, even how to proceed.

The media was described in memos (pp.) as 'willing and eager to be told how to present this'.

Insiders admitted that only in wartime has any nation ever subjected its citizens to this level of centralized control over this big a part of their lives, and this would be the first peacetime intrusion at this level by government anywhere in the west.

So with a resounding squeak of fear and covert excitement, the great experiment was launched with secret meetings. Those who were excluded were subject, according to the files, to having their 'lifestyles and secrets' (pp) exposed to public scrutiny in order to control their criticisms.

The politics of personal destruction, in other words.

This is unnervingly close to the classic Stalin-era Soviet mode of operation. Make your plans, and to hell with whether they'll work or not. It is "for the good of the State" and opponents must be made to pay the price of disagreeing with you. Surely you are smart enough, elite enough, special enough to come up with the right answers, which is easier when your sycophantic staff know better than to ask hard questions.

And through it all, the most important thing is not success, not improvement in function, not an increase in the number and health of patients under your care--

The most important thing is that YOU ARE THE ONE IN POWER.


Read these memos and tell me Hillary is looking after the little guy.

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