Monday, January 28, 2008

Money can't buy me love

Must be what Mr. Rezko is singing today from as he does the perp walk, arrested for a bond violation.

Typical Democrat moral-free dirty pool is being played here, no doubt. It cannot be coincidence that Rezko gets arrested for a mundane "bond violation" within 48 hours of Obama's route of Hillary in S. C. More headlines about Obama's close ties to a dirty campaign finance guy (in a gubernatorial Illinois contest) are popping up all over. How wonderful for Hillary.

The pic they found of Rezko smiling with the Clintons appears to have been made of teflon, sticking to nobody and being quickly forgotten. Not so Rezko's cozy neighbour status with B. O.

So now Obama is dancing around, promising return of dirty money, notably NOT promising return of all Rezko money.

As has been said, it's fun to watch the Democrats do this dirty stuff to each other instead of to our guys. Long may it continue.

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