Friday, February 1, 2008

Darn Global Warming is gonna kill us all, I tell ya

I wonder whether Al Gore has made an unpublicized trip to China.

By now the "Gore Effect" is well known by global warming skeptics; wherever he goes, it gets ridiculously cold.

China is now on the verge of a food crisis. Thousands of square miles of crops have been destroyed by snow, and food prices are rocketing skywards. Homes are collapsing from the weight, infrastructures are failing, electricity is out in widespread areas because of downed power lines, roads are blocked and there are no snow removal vehicles to clear them... it's dreadful, just awful, what snow is doing in China, and over a hundred million people are in real crisis. There are almost a million people sheltering in TRAIN STATIONS. With no food. Because of snow.

Record snow. Record cold.

Gore just HAS to be there, on some sort of unannounced business trip. There's no other explanation.

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