Thursday, January 3, 2008

The man who murdered his own daughters.....

Follow this link and look into his eyes, this Islamic man who decided his two ordinary American teenage daughters were dishonoring himself and his family name by being.... ordinary American teenagers.

So he shot them, killed them both.

Right here, where I live, in Irving, Texas, USA.

Multiculturalism is NOT a virtue. Virtue, or lack of it, lies within each culture participating in a multicultural society. The society itself depends on each participating culture to bring its own virtue with it, and some DO NOT.

Traditional, fundamentalist Islam calls for fathers and brothers to kill their own daughters and sisters in order to maintain family honor. This is vile, demonic, pure evil, the OPPOSITE of virtue. Parents are supposed to love their children. What could be less honorable than to kill your own daughter because you think she makes YOU look bad?

It is about the male ego of the Islamic father, and it is unutterably evil.

If rejecting this with every ounce of my strength and energy is intolerant of me, then so be it. Some things simply should not be tolerated.

There is no punishment fierce enough for this kind of crime. But think creatively... perhaps if he is tied naked to a post in a public square, on a cold day, and coated in Alpo so that dogs will lick him.... wait, make it pigs.

Make him long for the day when he believed the behavior of his daughters was the most embarrassing thing that could happen to his ego. That'd be a good start.

UPDATE: more on this from Phyllis Chesler.

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