Wednesday, January 23, 2008

While riding off into the sunset...

... on the way out of Nevada, don't forget this moment.

Barack Obama was unable to win Nevada, even with the endorsement of the culinary workers' union. Apparently union workers don't HAVE to vote the way their leadership does.

But do you recall, back in an earlier debate, when CNN had 'random voters' asking questions of the candidates? It was a couple of months ago. One woman stood to ask Obama a question, and before he answered, he thanked her for her work on behalf of the culinary workers union.

She was identified to the TV audience only as a cashier in a casino.

So how did he know she was a CWU activist? She was supposedly a 'random voter' picked at random by CNN.

Obama's endorsement by the CWU comes crawling out into the light...

CNN's participation not in the democratic process but in the Democrat Party also is rather more well lit...

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