Wednesday, January 16, 2008


So Dennis Kucinich sued in Nevada to be put back on the Democrat debate guest list, in which of course he was originally invited to participate but from which his name was struck after NBC concluded he had become irrelevant.

And a smaller state court found NBC guilty of violating some right of DK's to be part of the process and ordered them to put him back on the guest list.

NBC apparently pulled some strings fast, because the Nevada state supreme court heard this appeal BEFORE the Dem debate last night, and concluded that it would be a violation of NBC's first amendment rights to give them court orders about who should and should not participate in their broadcast.

That's right, the Nevada Supremes decided that NBC has a right to control what it says on TV.

Of course, the public does not have this right, not anymore.

McCain Feingold (Thompson) assuredly removed this right by restricting political ads by groups of private citizens within 60 days of elections.

Yes, we the people can no longer go to the 'public square', for that is what television is in this country today, and advocate for or against our candidates of choice. Our right of free speech has been removed in this instance, arguably THE most important instance of free speech and certainly the one which the Founders had in mind when they WROTE that amendment.

It surely was not Larry Flynt's right to publish porn that concerned those men in the 18th century. It was the right of the public to be a part of the public discussion about government; the advance restriction of government suppression of public speech about itself, about the future of the nation.

In Nevada, NBC has the right to talk politics within 60 days of an election, but you do not.

BTW, it's McCain Feingold (Thompson) because Fred has joked with McCain about naming it this way, due to Fred's enthusiastic support of and vote for this bill.

The conservative in the race? Still unidentified.

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