Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A prediction

Barack Hussein Obama was raised a Muslim, and attended a Madrassa when he was young.

I personally do not hold this against him, nor do I believe there is a particular Islamic conspiracy to sneak a secret Muslim into the White House. It's just a fact from his youth.

It is also a fact that, in Islam, your father's religion is the one you are 'born into', and if your father was a Muslim, then that is what you are. Period.

It is also a fact that Obama rather more likes and identifies with his father, a black Muslim African, than his mother, who provides the family links that are distantly related to VP Dick Cheney. Not that Cheney has anything to do with it.. :-) It's just that Obama is his father's son, by choice.

So we have this possibility:

An American president who is currently a member of a Christian church in Illinois and speaks from its pulpit for campaign purposes, but who was raised a Muslim and born to a Muslim father he reveres.

In other words, in the view of the radicals this man is the worst kind of apostate, a Muslim who has become a Christian. Of course, it doesn't matter how serious he ever was about either religion; what matters is what radicals think, and what they DO about what they think.

If Obama were any other ordinary dusky-skinned man, a former Muslim now saying he is a Christian, he'd either already be dead or be marked for assassination.

Interestingly, it doesn't seem likely to me that even the most radical of radicals will call for his death. I believe that those men are media-savvy political players of the worst order, who alternately embrace and ignore their own self-stated principles based on their estimations of what will benefit them.

And I suspect the radical Islamists would enjoy an Obama presidency on a number of levels, and hope that he wins. And they aren't the least bit interested in beheading the apostate, as they would be if it were any other apostate.

Just my take, but I believe the apostate Obama is uniquely safe from Islamic fatwas. Because if there's one thing I take to the bank, it's the fact that radical Islamists are far more practical than principled.

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