Thursday, January 10, 2008

Death in America

The Dallas Morning News finally tells the whole story today with a big page one article-- about the two teenage girls who were shot repeatedly to death by their Egyptian cabdriver father.

The girls were found in the back of his cab, after one had called 911 and said "I'm dying" over and over again.

Notably, nobody in the area saw anyone walking away; it is believed he was picked up by someone, probably a Muslim who was helping him leave the country to escape punishment. He is likely in his native Egypt, a place he went once or twice a year.

The News actually did describe it as an honor killing, but they added "a practice which has been largely repudiated".

They did not say by who, or how many, or provide any evidence for this assertion. The problem is that this practice has NOT been repudiated, and isn't going to be anytime soon.

It would be nice if, while striving mightily to lay a smooch on le grand derriere of Islam, the DMN would source assertions like that one. I have little doubt that in this case they cannot.

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