Thursday, January 3, 2008

For the record...

Ed Rollins is a major league A$$hole.

He is, at present, campaign manager for the 'Evangelical Christian Preacher candidate', and here's a sampler of his opinions, freely and loudly rendered to a female dining companion in Iowa recently.

Yet another example of the twofaced nature of Mike Huckabee, who pretends to be guided by Christ in his campaign venture and yet hires the same dirty trickster types that everyone else hires when the going gets serious.

Rollins, remember, has already expressed a pointless desire to knock Mitt Romney's teeth out.

Apparently Rollins was some sort of boxer when he was young, but the complete lack of public awareness of his efforts in that arena says something not unexpected about his skills.

Rollins hasn't won anything for anyone in decades, and although he's delivered Iowa for Huckabee tonight, I rather suspect that's the sum total of the winning streak. Huck will win no more states, in my view.

And if the conservatives of this nation are inobservant enough to overlook Huckabee's lack of principle and distance from conservatism, and he should happen to become the nominee, he will lose to whomever the Dems put up. Period.

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