Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Thompson's out

Just heard on the radio that Fred's dropped out.

His mother is terribly ill back home in Tennessee, where he is now after having left the campaign trail days ago.

Confluence of bad events. Lower than hoped for vote results, and now a family medical crisis.

I sincerely hope that Fred does NOT endorse his longtime close friend John McCain, as doing so would reveal that Fred was just expelling warm moist CO2 when we were hearing all that stuff about conservative principles.

Besides, 75% of his supporters, reportedly, are already saying in one poll that if Thompson endorses McCain they don't care, and will vote differently.

Thompson had a nice conservative base. Not big, but influential. And most if not all of them are well aware that McCain is no conservative.

This can only be good for Mitt Romney, who is the conservative's choice now that Republicans are the only people who can cast votes in the Republican primaries remaining.

I suspect Romney will collect 3/4 of the Thompson voters, if not more.

Huckabee is a big government populist liberal evangelical Christian, and since most Christians are conservatives, he is not the one getting the most votes from evangelicals.

That honor goes to Mitt RoMORMONey.

So much for the anti-Mormon Christians.

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