Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ten years on...

Without an occasional effort to remember history, it is too easily forgotten.

And those who forget it tend to discover toothmarks on their derrieres from time to time.

Remember all this. Remember who Bill Clinton really is, and what is important to him.

Remember how little we must really know about him, even though we know all this about all these people. If a guy sitting in his own powerful political office is able to receive a visitor, the distressed wife of a friend, who cries in his presence and pleads for help with personal and financial problems, and he responds by grabbing her breasts and putting her hand on his crotch, I mean REALLY, what sort of fellow is this?

And who can forget "You'd better put some ice on that".

He is vile, contemptible. He will die happily, grinning at the thought of the (probably hundreds if not thousands of) women he's 'had'. He will sit in the sun, blanket over his legs, attendant at his side meeting his every need, smiling and remembering what was most important to him; his conquests.

And of course, if that was how it was then, ten years ago, twenty years ago, who wants to bet against things being exactly the same now? Especially when he's been so encouraged by his apparent success in overcoming this 'obstacle' in public life, this sleazy reputation that seems to have hurt him with some but helped with others?

And now to the point-- what kind of woman remains married to a piece of flotsam like this for purely political advantage? What sort of woman counts it as advantageous that her 'husband', the father of her child, is 'reaching out and touching someone' doubtless almost daily?

While speaking publicly for her. While representing her, while encouraging people to choose her. She is now past 60 years of age. How icy cold is her heart, really? Is there any humanity there at all? Or is her desire for absolute power so Caesar-like, so overwhelming, that she will endure any humiliation, promising herself vengeance later upon those who ask questions like this? (having second thoughts about posting what I am writing :-)

Remember, dear reader, these days there is Viagra, Levitra (funny name), Cialis. These days no man need bring an end to sexual activity; it is about choice.

And where a famous person under loads of stress might have a couple of bottles of Xanax or even Vicodin close by, Mr. Clinton doubtless has the handy blue triangles in his own pocket.

I like sex as much as the next guy. I look at women walking by. I'm normal. But this guy is abnormal. He has made a busy business out of viewing, choosing, and having brought to him whatever women he likes, using whatever power is available to him. It would not surprise me to learn that he selected politics for this reason, because it made maximum use of his charisma and charm to bring him women.

Some people make themselves wealthy with political power, and I do not doubt Mr. Clinton has done and is doing this; his driving force, though, seems to be sex. Money is required, power is required, for an old man to continue having sex. So he has accumulated these things.

Cialis is expensive. :-)

And the saddest commentary of all is that so many women want to be chosen by him, to be in close proximity to that power and money and charisma. It has been easy for him. The Kathleen Willeys and the other resistors are doubtless a minority.

A female reporter once professed that she would gladly give Bill Clinton oral sex just to reward him for having preserved her right to abortion.

The longer I live, the more I understand about the fall of Rome.

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