Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fred says vote for-- uh, whoever you want

Good news circulating around the web today says that Fred won't be endorsing anyone.

Everyone knows he's had a close friendship with John McCain over the past several years, so this is good news for Fredheads-- who are utterly unlikely to vote for McCain anyway, even if Fred asked them to, and who didn't look forward to enduring the media McCain frenzy's predictable increase in fever temperature over such an endorsement.

Michelle Malkin has done a marvelous job of explaining why real conservatives believe McCain is such a bad idea.

McCain believes firmly in McCain. Period. He thinks he's smarter than we are, he thinks there's an answer somewhere within the details of every problem, some perfect distribution of yes and no, that makes every law worth passing.

He's essentially a pro-US liberal. He'll defend us and protect us (except at our own border crossings, for some reason), and then he'll tax us and spend our money on what he believes is best for us.

No principles at work there.

"I'll do what's right for this country". Fine.

But you won't hear, "I believe in lower taxes and smaller government-- I believe the citizen is better at deciding what to do with his money than is government".

None of that.

McCain buys into the idea that a tax cut must be "paid for" by either an increase somewhere else or by cutting spending to match the expected decrease in revenue.

Conservatives know that JFK did it in the '60's, Reagan in the '80's, and Bush in his first term did it as well-- cut taxes and watched incoming money pile up in the treasury. Every year since 2001 has seen an increase to all time highs in government revenue. Tax cuts PAY FOR THEMSELVES by increasing revenue due to increased business activity and productivity.

Anyone who suggests a tax cut is 'only for the wealthy' or 'has to be paid for' just is not telling the truth. Cut taxes to the wealthy and business activity and investment increases, which causes job creation, which benefits EVERYONE. Not 'trickle down' economics, but NIAGARA FALLS economics. It's been proven three times in the past fifty years. It works.

But McCain, like liberals, thinks that if government needs more money, the answer is to increase taxes to get it. Results? A dropoff in business activity and productivity, because the extra load puts some people OUT of business and causes others to buy less and order less and have fewer jobs. Paying those tax bills doesn't happen out of thin air; it has consequences.

And in the end government has LESS money, not more. Because less activity to BE taxed results in less taxes collected.

John McCain believes in John McCain. Great warrior, tough as nails, loves his country, gave everything BUT his life for it, and God bless and keep him for that.

But the Gang of 14, the restriction on American free speech in politics called McCain Feingold "reform", the attempt to rush the immigration 'reform' bill through without public debate and the subsequent bitter and angry responses he's made to the opposition from the huge majority of Americans left and right.... it's all highly disturbing.

He does not understand or accept conservative principles, and does not qualify therefore as a leader in the conservative movement, presently represented by the Republican party.

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