Monday, January 21, 2008

Those poor Spaniards... er, Andalusian dhimmis..

(note: the use of the word "muslim" below does not refer to all muslims, only to the ones who believe the world should be under Sharia law and Islam should conquer every infidel and apostate nation.)

They went to the trouble of booting out Aznar in Spain, electing a leftist government and bringing home the troops, and STILL the Islamic fundamentalists are plotting and planning and making bombs there.

Doubtless they ask themselves in quiet moments, "what more could we do?"

Answer--SUBMIT. YIELD TO THE SWORD OF ISLAM. Become second class citizens in a government not of your making. Change your religion, including from NO religion TO religion, namely Islam. Build mosques, pray five times a day, and do whatever your Imam says is "for the good of the State"-- sorry, I mean, "the will of Allah!"

Spain, you see, holds a special attraction for Islam. It is the only European state which the Muslims consider to be territory they had won. They called it Andalusia, and still do. And they were booted out by the Catholics and have not forgotten.

They want Spain back. NOW.

Oh Spaniard, I weep for you, and your stupid leftist conviction that all you have to do is appease and the dangerous ones will be satisfied and will depart.

Oh Spaniard, I weep for you, knowing as I do that there is no appeasement short of complete subjugation and humiliation which will truly appease the dangerous ones.

Oh Spaniard, your bullfights will-- wait a sec. I suspect the bullfights will be part of the Spanish culture which the Muslims will find appealing. They'll turn it into some religious blood thing, like Ashura or that time when they slaughter animals, but the sadistic fun of bullfights will not be lost on them. They'll like it.

The rest of your culture, though, Spaniard, is done for. You've already proven to the Muslims that you won't fight for it.

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