Thursday, January 3, 2008


Well, I for one am on my knees thanking God Almighty that the votes will be cast in Iowa today and the chattering classes will finally shut up about it.

One cannot help but worry about a political system which depends in such large part on so few votes to set the balls rolling.... and it isn't LITERALLY true, of course, because lots of people win in Iowa and don't win the nominations to come, but STILL....

The WORST part is the nonstop analysis. The endless polling. The endless comparison of yesterday's polling with TODAY's polling. Who's up, who's down, as if any of it makes any difference at all. How would you like to be a regular normal guy living in Iowa whose phone won't stop ringing, whose doorbell won't stop chiming, whose hand won't stop being pumped up and down by candidates.... ?

A cynic might be tempted to offer his vote to the first man or woman to pony up $500. After all, they're spending nearly that much per voter in ads anyway.

TODAY makes a difference. But even today is not the be all end all of primary procedures, only the initiation.

If prayer makes a difference, and I hope and believe that it can, then Pastor Huckabee will be permitted by the grace of God to continue saving souls from the pulpit while someone better suited to political governance receives the nomination instead.

Even so, I suspect the good preacher could stand a bit of C. S. Lewis or John Stott for bedside reading. He's lost his way, in the view of this unschooled layman and wayward Christian man.

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