Monday, January 14, 2008

IF I was just a bit more into football...

... I would have made predictions on the Cowboys' loss, and made them more than a month ago.

I did, in fact, in a few casual conversations.

Even a month ago I saw a team of disparate monstrous egos, a haunted fearful look on too many faces when they're behind in games, and a tendency to over-demonstrate whenever good plays happened, as if they were trying to convince themselves they were better than they knew.

Then, last week after the Giants' win, I noted that the Giants' front four was absolutely fearsome in their pass rush, and that was why they beat the Redskins. The Giants had worked for several years to assemble their pass rushing group, and it was unstoppable even against a very good Redskins team.

Dallas, I knew, was no better than the Redskins, and couldn't handle this rush.

The game was lost for three reasons; dominant Giants pass rush, dropped passes by Cowboys receivers (almost a half dozen, including TO's first chance at the ball), and general disorganization and lack of crispness on the part of the entire offense. Too many penalties, with a center who snapped the ball late repeatedly and made the entire offensive line guilty of false starts, too many half-run routes and loafing receivers, the usual overhyped and underperforming egomaniacs at work.

Romo really really wanted to win; he just couldn't get the rest of them to perk up and feel like they could do it.

Because the Giants pass defense really was awesome.

Now, the Giants take to the frozen tundra of Lambeau field (do you still hear Cosell? I do) to take on a considerably more confident and better executing team than this pack of blue starred losers; the Green Bay Packers.

I don't see New York going to the Super Bowl.

Brett Favre is the man of destiny. :-)

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