Thursday, January 31, 2008

More McCain 'straight talk'

Powerline is linking to a column in the WaPo by Robert Novak, in which two different sources (neither one the source for the original article) are independently confirming the events in which McCain complained that Samuel Alito was too conservative.

McCain has quickly claimed not to remember saying that, and pointed out that he 'supported' Alito.

The worry is, of course, the the things he says in private and in small groups are far more likely to be the truth about him than the things he says into microphones and cameras. And even with the lights on him, he still finds time to make leftist-sounding insults about Romney's wealth....

In the debate last night, McCain was pointing out that he too has leadership experience (military), and that it was 'for patriotism, not profit'.

Only leftists hold a grudge against those who produce and drive our economy. Only leftist elitists sneer and snort at productive and capable men of business who have provided jobs, increased the nation's wealth and set examples for generations to follow.

McCain seems to take every opportunity given him to let us know that he holds those grubby greedy little businessmen in contempt.

No wonder the market is having such trouble recovering. It is a futures market, a bet on the near and intermediate future, and at this point our near future is that we will have a big-government, tax-increasing, environmentalist leftist president who thinks businessmen need to be punished for their success--

And that's whether Hillary, Obama or McCain win! They are almost identical in their world views. McCain is somewhat stronger on military issues, but Hillary is no senseless kneejerk leftist on that front either. She did vote to authorize the war, and she has resisted promising the far left that she'd yank our troops immediately.

So what is the difference between McCain and Clinton?

McCain's first lady would wear a dress. Hillary's first man will continue trying to remove them as often as possible.

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