Thursday, January 24, 2008

A great blog from Israel

Here's a blog you should read every time you hear news about Israeli/Palestinian problems.

These people are right there watching, and will tell you the truth.

Mubarak of Egypt says he gave the order to permit Palestinians into Egypt because they're starving due to Israeli occupation.

But the 350,000 who went through the wall to Egypt were carrying TV sets, MP3 players and cartons of cigarettes when they came back from the shops.

The necessities of life, I guess. Boy those Israelis are cruel. :-)

Next thing you know, the UN will be passing a resolution to force Israel to GIVE them TV sets, MP3 players and cigarettes.

At any rate, the demolition of the Gaza/Egypt wall was a months-long project and had nothing to do with anything that's happened in the past few weeks, the changes in electrical supply, the Annapolis conference, the Bush visit, all are unrelated.

Hamas has been planning this for probably more than a year. And when the Egyptian border guards were confronted with rubble where the wall was standing, they stepped back and let hundreds of thousands of Palis into Egypt without a fight.

OH, and, speaking of the WALL between Egypt and Gaza.... why hasn't the world risen up in outrage at the idea of a physical wall between countries? Don't they know these people need to move back and forth across borders, so they can work and have commerce and live normal lives? Isn't a wall a cruel intrusion and oppression of these people?

Apparently, a wall is only a problem if Israel builds it. Or if Texas or Arizona tries to get one built.

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