Sunday, September 23, 2007

worse than oil

Some fuels are downright stupidly dangerous, but programs to flood the market with them continue apace.

One produces 70 percent more greenhouse gases than fossil fuel, another, 50 percent more.

The first is rapeseed ethanol biofuel, the second corn ethanol biofuel.

The southern English countryside is awash in rapeseed, which is used for partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. It makes acres and acres of stunning yellow flowers, and now one can see many more such acres due to future ethanol demand brought on by envirowackoes......

And all over the world forests and hedges and wilderness vistas are being flattened and planted with corn and maize, to take advantage of the coming biofuel boom. Slash and burn, they call it, and corn is the new cocaine. Money money money, for biofuel, because oil is evil.

Oh, and the previous estimates for how much nitrous oxide these crops produce in burning? Way low. Nitrous oxide is almost 300 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, and now they estimate the amount of nitrous oxide produced by corn and rapeseed fuel burning is more than twice the previous estimate.

One professor is quoted thus:

The significance of it is that the supposed benefits of biofuels are even more disputable than had been thought hitherto.”

And that's an understatement.

SO, let's summarize--

Ethanol from corn is 50% higher in greenhouse gas emissions than fossil fuel.

Ethanol from rapeseed (the Euro-preferred source) is 70% higher.

Earth-broiling nitrous oxide gas is produced at more than double the previously estimated rate by these fuels, and in both cases is much more than fossil fuels.

Corn for ethanol, as a market factor, has been devastating to corn prices in general, and all over the world the poor are rioting due to rapid doubling and tripling of corn prices. And other crops will increase in price too, as more land is given over to corn and fewer other crops are grown due to fewer profits from them.

Fossil fuel is still the cheapest, most abundant and least destructive of all energy options at present. Liberals cannot be 'for the poor' or 'for the environment' and still be 'for' ethanol biofuel.

Those who continue to favor ethanol do so at risk of revealing their true motivation-- simple hatred of 'the rich', hatred of 'evil corporations', and of course hatred of George W. Bush.

They try to tell us they're morally good and we're morally bad. But no ideology can be good whose motive source is hatred. And that's a liberal for you.

Biofuel info link HT G. R. at Insta.

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