Thursday, September 6, 2007

one rejected step at a time...

The long slow march toward socialism and fascism has been delayed by a small step, but it is a significant one.

The Federal Election Commission has decided that the Daily Kos, the liberal ranthill and Democrat campaign nightmare blog, is not subject to being regulated as political in-kind contributions.

This means, at least for now, that bloggers can be bloggers, and if their work occasionally resembles campaign activities, well it's just a facet of the bigger picture-- that voting is also a campaign activity, and voters deciding to keep each other informed does not amount to some sort of professional conspiracy that needs regulation.

The fact that a convenient electronic means is available for large numbers of people to talk to each other might be unnerving to traditional pols who can't figure out how to control information and opinions on it, but again, this does NOT mean it's wrong or bad or must be controlled or suppressed or taxed into moribundity.

It's just modern times. Get used to it, pols. We already are.

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