Friday, September 28, 2007

even more frightening, even less press

Everyone heard little Mr. Cheapsuit when he said "we don't have that phenomenon... I don't know who's telling you this" when he was asked about government abuse of gays in Iran.

Liberal apologists have scrambled around to try to explain this away, to say he meant they don't have a gay culture or a gay cable network or a gay travel agency or some such, as can be found in this country. But of course Ahmadinejad was not trying to be coy. He meant to say there are no gays in Iran, and everyone knows it.

But if you don't believe that, read this story about a press conference he held. Toward the end, when told by that nervous Iranian female reporter "I know a few myself", he responded by asking for their addresses so that he could go and meet them to learn about them.

Gay activists try so hard to paint Christians this way, as cruel intolerants who would just as soonlive in a nation with no gay people. But when confronted by an actual head of government who chillingly asks for addresses so he can 'meet them', when it's well known that this government tortures, imprisons and executes them for the 'crime' of being gay, they say--

zip. nada. nothing.

I just don't get it.

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