Friday, September 7, 2007

Norman Hsu update

I won't bore with too many details, as they're all over the news today, but Norman Hsu, fugitive from California justice, convicted Ponzi schemer, thief, hustler, and star Hillary campaign contribution bundler was found on an Amtrak in Grand Junction, CO.

He didn't make it all the way to China, but that doesn't mean he wasn't on his way there.

The other very very VERY interesting thing is that he's sick. Wierd sick, unable to feel his legs, delirious, etc. No word from the Colorado hospital about what's wrong with him, or if anyone even knows.

Somebody wave a Geiger counter over Hillary and see if she's been around any Polonium 210 lately. :-)

It's humorous, but that's only because it's POSSIBLE.

Keep an eye on the news of Mr. Hsu. If he dies, then I will call myself a prophet. For you see, dear reader, it was only a day ago that I told someone, 'he's got 50/50 odds-- he's in China, or he's dead.'

And have you noticed how, in all the stories about him, the news keeps saying he's going to have to go back to California 'to face charges'?

Folks, he's been a convict for 15 years. He's done. The hearing he skipped in the early 1990s was his SENTENCING hearing, not his trial. It's too late to face charges; he's already done that, and the charges won.

Meanwhile, nobody in the news is busily interviewing the Paw family, six people living on less than $50,000 a year who have donated tens of thousands of dollars to Dem candidates just in the past few years alone-- and who live in a house that Norman Hsu once claimed as a past residence of his.

Where are the Paw family interviews?

They're in an alternate universe, that's where. If this had been Republican fundraisers, the Paw family would have its own reality show by now.

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