Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Clash of the liberals :-)

The fashionistas (fashion industry crowd) are nicknamed that for a reason; they are usually leftists of the extreme variety.

And one of the things that marks a leftist is hypocrisy, the claiming of certain principles which are then not lived out in their own lives.

Here's a classic-- Naomi Campbell, a black female celebrity fashion model (who by liberal definition is morally superior and always right, on account of being black and a female), complains that there aren't enough black and Asian fashion models being used in fashion shows.

The fashionistas may be leftists, but they don't let it interfere with making money. And clearly, in their view, following their own principles of diversity will put a ding in the sales of their clothing, and they just won't take that chance.

Nice to see one of their own calling them out on it. Fun, in fact. :-)

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