Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Well said

... Nidra Poller has written a magnificent tale of a visit to Normandy in the company of a survivor.

Included is this gem--

Anti-war is the upper face of a tarnished medal; the hidden face is pro-cowardice. How was that nearly unanimous courage mustered by our nation in WWII? Patriotism, national identity, heroism; the courage was individual and collective. And single-minded. Once you are in a war, you win. There is no other choice.

The leftist position ignores the fact that there is evil in the world and that weakness provokes it to rise up and attempt domination. Force is necessary for any kind of peace worth having. Peace without recourse to force is, of course, simply slavery and oppression.

If you're convinced that war is always evil and never necessary, then I'll just paraphrase a famous quote whose provenance escapes me--

If you're happy with a chain around your neck, and you wag your tail and go wherever your master pulls you, then nuzzle his hand and lick the scraps from it; but have no more to do with men, because you're not one anymore.

I can sort of understand how a man can be such a coward and so fearful of a fight that he accedes, for himself, to slavery. What I will NEVER understand is how he can will the same fate to his family, his children, the people who depend on him.

Truly, that kind of man isn't a man anymore.

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