Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Out front with abortion opinions....

Here's one you shouldn't miss if it the issue resonates with you.

And if it doesn't, of course, it SHOULD.

The author of this article (Amy Alkon) believes that, in the absence of definitive opinion on when it is that a fetus becomes a person, individual choice should rule, and compares it to other personal choices like food and whatnot.

But ask yourself this- if you were in the woods and had your rifle trained on a target, but you weren't sure whether it was a deer or another hunter in camo, what would be your 'choice' about pulling the trigger.....?

Liberals, of course, would shoot the hunter or else throw down the rifle in disgust, but that's not what this metaphor is about. It's about the uncertainty, and what to do (or refrain from doing) about it... is this a human being or not?

Traditionally, in the case of such uncertainty, civilized people hold their fire. If it's possible that this is a human being, I'll give it the benefit of the doubt. But in abortion terms, if there is some doubt about whether it's a human being, then stick some scissors in its brain and get it over with. "Definitely not human anymore, hah hah.. toss this in the dumpster, would ya? "

"There's no definitive answer", she says. But what she means is that she herself has already concluded that a fetus is not a person, although she suggests a generous willingness on her own part to let others entertain the opposite belief without argument from her-- provided, presumably, they do not attempt to stop her from having an abortion.

She clarifies her view thusly; "While a clump of cells or even a large gathering of them that resembles a baby can become a person, they don’t constitute a full-fledged human being deserving of rights."

Okay, so it can become a person, but it isn't yet. How does she know?

She doesn't, and neither does anyone else, in her stated view; "no definitive answer".

Again, lacking a definitive answer, her proposal that everyone is thus free to act reveals a bias toward a definitive answer, namely NO, this is not a human being. How else could she be at all comfortable with 'choosing' to kill it?

Unless she is way way less civilized than me. Or less human.

Enjoy her self-absorption and unrestrained ego here. And accept her 'advice' at your own risk.

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