Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Why not just blow it up FOR him?

One of my readers has notified the other one (and me as well) of this story.

Ahmadinejad has plenty of American blood, and innumerable gallons of Iraqi blood, on his hands. He is a direct participant in a war against the United States, and has been up to no good ever since his 1979 ramrodding of the American Embassy storming. He held hostages, Americans, for over a year. He funds and trains and assists Hezbollah, which is of course the terrorist organization that has taken more American lives than any other, having murdered 243 United States Marines in Lebanon in 1983.

And Mayor Bloomberg is, apparently, serious about hosting this bloodthirsty freak on a tour of Ground Zero while he is at the UN.

If we were Muslims, we'd be declaring a fatwa against Bloomberg for this. He'd be dead within the week. And of course if we behaved that way, men like Bloomberg would never have the courage to oppose us and insult us in this fashion.

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