Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Follow Powerline to Denmark

This story is worrisome but inevitable.

Denmark has, after all, had a big target painted on its forehead for many months now. These Islamists have egos and do not enjoy looking ineffectual in the eyes of their fellow murderers.

And after months of riots and protests and loud complaints that Denmark was on their Shi'ite list, so to speak, it is high time they got around to actually attacking Denmark.

Interesting, though, to read the story linked in the second part of the Powerline post. It takes you to the Copenhagen newspaper reporting on the riots (which were preliminary, one assumes, to these bombing attacks) in Copenhagen.

You see, the newspaper refers to the rioters as 'anarchists', presumably to avoid having to mention the word 'muslim' and thereby inflame them even more.

But strictly speaking, 'anarchist' is not only vague, it is factually inaccurate; anarchists by definition favor few or no rules and little government power. These people clearly want a very powerful government with a lot of rules, all based on their religion.

Not wanting the government you have does not automatically mean you want anarchy. If Copenhagen's newspaper writers continue to be too cowardly to print the word 'muslim', they'll have to do better than 'anarchist'.

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