Tuesday, September 25, 2007

the forecast for this weather story is FOGGY

Here's an illuminating story from the Times, UK that is.

Apparently La Nina is wrecking our world's weather. Whatever La Nina is.

Here's what the story in the Times says it is:

La Niña occurs when the tropical seas of the Pacific off the coast of Latin America cool down, while the waters turn warmer towards Australia, the Philippines and Indonesia. That lurch in ocean temperatures can send weather systems into havoc over vast areas, delivering huge deluges of rain over the Far East and tropical Australia, while western parts of Latin America turn much drier than usual. This is the flip side of El Niño, although La Niña lasts for a shorter time, usually no more than a year.

Clearly, the waters off Australia, the Philippines and Indonesia are getting warmer and it's time for us all to blame GLOBAL WARMENING (cue Vader theme from star wars), the evil corporate American plot by HalliBushitleroogabooga to ruin the world's weather.

But.... what on earth could be COOLING DOWN the waters of the Pacific off the coast of Latin America, they do not say, of course. Except to call it La Nina.

Does it seem to you that a critical bit of info is missing here?

Again, I want to know why the waters of the Pacific off Latin America are cooling! After all, we're supposed to be warmening the globe, increasing the temperature, you know? HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?

At any rate, if it coolses in one spot and warmens in another, well the world's weather is in for some sharp turns, so say the scientists.

Yes, generally the same scientists who predicted so many horrible hurricanes in 2006. :-)

So, whatever La Nina is, it's going to be terrible, and nobody really knows what causes La Nina.

But hey, let's pour thousands of tons of IRON in the ocean and that should level things right out.....

Remember while you absorb this stuff--

in the 1970s a scientist named Hansen was one of the first to warn us of the coming ice age due to global coldening. Nowadays, the same scientist (presently funded by George Soros) is warning we must act now to stop global warmening or we'll all die.

Also in the 1970's there was a lefty envirowacko plan to use millions of old tires to create a reef off Florida to save the sea life. They built their reef.

The tires were scattered by the first storm and took years and hundreds of millions of dollars to clean up. They were everywhere, and no sea life wanted anything to do with them.

Morons. They should not be in charge of anything. Especially NOW.

Because now they want to dump iron in the ocean to save us all.

DO NOT LET THESE PEOPLE NEAR any fax machines, cell phones or live internet connections. They should not be allowed to encourage each other except perhaps through the postal service or with messenger pigeons.

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