Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Hollywood and America

Last week in Venice, the new Brian de Palma movie was unveiled before an adoring crowd of anti-Bush leftists. It's a 'realistic' drama with a barely fictional plotline, that of the rape of an Iraqi girl by American soldiers and their subsequent murder of her family to cover their crime.

De Palma has publicly stated that his goal is to open eyes, to make Americans more aware of how horrible our military is, how wrong it was to invade Iraq, blah blah yada yada.

Gone are the days when the goal of a film maker was to entertain and to make money. Sigh. Now they're all essentially Leni Riefenstahls, propagandists for political agendas, happy to LOSE money if necessary for the sake of 'changing the world'.

So we can't watch TV news anymore, because they're relentlessly propagandizing for the Democrat party and against Bush. We can hardly go to movies anymore, ditto. Newspapers? Yup.

Do you realize exactly how valuable the internet and talkradio are in this country, dear reader? The more shrill and relentless the mainstreamers become (now driven to panic by the available contrary voices, which were not always with us), the more we must all cherish our own ways of speaking publicly and the more we MUST PROTECT THEM.

Dems are openly planning to eliminate free speech from radio with the Fairness Doctrine, and are working hard to impose taxes and regulations on the web for the same purpose.

Don't forget these things at voting time.

As for Mr. De Palma, there just aren't words to describe the contempt I feel for him. His own freedom to do what he does was bought with the blood of soldiers he quite openly despises.

And our enemies today openly declare their intention to put people like De Palma out of business by censoring and controlling movies and music and broadcasting. De Palma's apparent enjoyment of foul language and blood and gore and sex means he will be one of the first in Hollywood to be separated from his head.

In spite of this obvious point of concern, he beavers away at a film designed to leave the worst and most inaccurate impression of our military in the minds of people who, given they bought a ticket, are predisposed to believe this stuff anyway.

Stalin called these guys 'useful idiots'. Walter Duranty of the New York Times won a Pulitzer back in the 1930s for stories about how wonderful the Soviet Union was, no gulags, just a workers paradise. Men like Duranty did Stalin's propaganda work for him, asked nothing for it, and Stalin would have ordered their executions without a second thought had he gained control over their countries.

Someone should tell Brian D that those soldiers are in prison to stay, because when bad apples present themselves in action, they are dealt with properly, as decent people do.

Someone should point out to Brian D that rapes and murders of entire families happen in Iraq every single day, hundreds of such events every year, all perpetrated by jihadists, the supposedly morally superior adherents of Islam. Total number of such incidents at the hands of American soldiers?


Hundreds of thousands of our soldiers have lived among their people for several years, literally endowed with the power of life and death over them, heady stuff for young men, and in all that time this has happened ONCE! In my view that is proof positive of the overwhelming moral superiority of our soldiers, not of their degradation.

De Palma wants to show what happens to ordinary men when thrust into the crucible of war, how it deadens their souls, how war should be avoided at all costs. This is idiotic. The only way to avoid war at all costs is to happily submit to whatever tyrant wants to own you. As long as other people make war, we must do so as well, and sometimes we must do it first. It is how we protect our nation and our people and our way of life.

So, for the record, Mr. De Palma, you make me sick to my stomach, and if I ever meet you, I'll have a tough time holding back a punch in the nose.

Brian De Palma joins a long list of people to whom I always say--

They'll kill you first.

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