Thursday, September 20, 2007

Liberals say the world is nuanced shades of gray

Even now, having lived forty seven years and seen and heard and studied the dark side of humanity at some length, I have great difficulty believing just how dreadful these men can be.

A couple of things not to forget--

1) They happily and repeatedly violate the 'moral tenets' of their faith, breezily proving that their religious motivation is a wholesale fraud and they are simply vile men in search of power (no wonder Democrats can't manage to speak against these guys... ).

I am reminded of the story an Israeli told me during a day together in Brussels, of a long ago Arab rape on a beach in Israel to which he was an unwilling witness. He told me the Arab removed his crescent-and-star necklace as a preliminary to raping the girl. "Can't have that on while I'm doing this", he cheerfully said. These men have no respect for their own religion and its rules, but will kill and torture others for failing to keep to them. Radical Islamists are no more than psychopaths, certainly not moral leaders or examples of any kind.

2) This is the kind of 'punishment' that is in store for your wives, girlfriends, daughters, and often times sons as well.

The man who is the subject of the linked story happily admits to American soldiers that he is homosexual, but participates in heterosexual rapes because all the other guys are doing it. And the world knows by now that Yassir Arafat was homosexual as well, and died of AIDS. Duplicity, hypocrisy, and lots and lots of blood and filth and death. They claim to ruthlessly oppose homosexuality, and often kill and imprison such people in their own countries. And yet homosexuality is no less prevalent among the ranks of the terrorists than in any other part of the world.

Hitler's Nazi party is infamous for the level of cruelty to which it stooped, often with a yawn, a pistol shot, and a few scribbles of notes on an archive paper. But these Islamists have so far gotten a pass from the Western media on the grounds of some wierd respect for their religion and culture (would that the press respected their own culture half as much).

But Islamists are more and more revealing themselves as garden variety dregs of humanity, rapists and thieves and murderers who appear to have no working conscience in spite of claiming moral superiority through their religion.

They call us decadent, but the story linked here shows the ugly truth. These men of God are nothing more than disgusting medieval pirates, taking what they want and killing everyone who disagrees with them, and raping the wives and daughters to teach the men a lesson.

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