Sunday, September 23, 2007

problems with LEGAL immigration

It makes me nauseous to say it, but I am now convinced that we are going to have to watch one of our cities vanish in mushroom cloud, leaving a radioactive crater and a million dead Americans, leading to 90% losses in our financial markets and a complete stoppage of American economic productivity, before the people holding elective offices are going to grow the spines they need to make unpopular decisions and take difficult steps.

Four years ago, the State Dept.'s inspector general recommended the closing of the 'diversity visa' program on the grounds that it did not prevent the arrival of people from nations that are state sponsors of terrorism. It is still going, and they are still coming.

In the past six years, almost 10,000 people have arrived from Sudan, Iran, Syria and Cuba, terrorism sponsors all. The United States government has no idea where most of these people are and what they are doing.

This will kill someone, a lot of someones. If you get the uncomfortable feeling that people like Osama are laughing at us, you're right.

How hard is it to figure out that we have to put a stop to this?

Apparently quite hard, as Mahmoud Ahmedinejad enjoys the Ritz-Carlton's luxury tonight in New York City.

HT Atlas.

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