Wednesday, September 5, 2007

One more boot to the face of De Palma

.... I awoke with one final thought on "Redacted", the big new De Palma movie about our evil, rapine and murderous troops and the horrors of war (cover mouth and sneeze like Animal House frat brothers at college hearing--'bullshi'ite!"), and it is this--

Men like De Palma are getting our people killed.

When people all across Indonesia and the Saudi peninsula and various other hotbeds of Islamic fundamentalist rage buy their popcorn (no butter-- that would be indulgent and sinful) and sit and watch a piece of cinematic crap like this, it reinforces and strengthens their belief in an evil and imperialistic America, and makes them more determined in their jihadism.

If this movie is shown to a million muslims, it would not at all surprise me if a couple of hundred of that million use the movie as the basis for their decision to become suicide bombers. After all, it's not just what the Imam said; now here it is on the silver screen, in their own movie... they admit it!! They really are as horrible as Osama said... it's right there, look!

This solves a propaganda problem for the terror film producers, namely that they are lame and unimaginative, and their own videos are from a quality standpoint almost unwatchable. Now there's a glossy and impressive Hollywood film doing it all for them.

So when Mr. De Palma complains that our presence in Iraq is creating more terrorists than it's killing (an assertion which has always been dubious but never in doubt), someone needs to tell him that his new movie is doing the same, and getting not just our boys (about whom De Palma is presumably unemotional) but lots and lots of innocent people all over the world KILLED.

Because Brian De Palma is not stupid, he is doubtless aware that his movie will cause innocent people to be killed by inflaming young fundamentalists and proving them 'right' about America. And clearly the death of innocents because of his movie does not bother him in the least.

I submit, therefore, milud, that De Palma not only has no moral standing for his fingerwagging about 'the horrors of war, the beastly American soldier', yada yada-- but that he himself is morally depraved and happy to cause innocent deaths if it is needed to advance his worldview.

He is, in other words, no better a man than the headhackers and vestpullers. He speaks for them and against us, and his movie inflames their sick beliefs and drives them to action.

Brian De Palma has blood on his hands; God alone knows, in the end, how much it will be.

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