Monday, September 17, 2007

How to go from the D list to the F list

Kathy Griffin has become unfunny, much like Al Franken did, jumping the gap straight to bitter and angry.

In accepting her Emmy for some show nobody watches, she said (pp) "Nobody had less to do with me winning this award than Jesus. Suck it, Jesus, this award is my god now."

Two thoughts immediately come to mind:

1) What would happen to her if she had said "Mohammed had nothing to do with this, so suck it, Allah."?

Dead within the week, head separated from body, that's my guess.

I've often said that the only way Christians are going to command attention from arrogant lefties is to murder a few of them for effect; perhaps after that, we'd get some respect from them, the way they respect, er, um, fear Islam.

But Hollywood is fortunate in that we Christians regard the Islamist tendency to murder in God's name as proof that these fanatics are not, in fact, talking to God. We know Him better than that, and we could never bring ourselves to savagery in His name. (Look, the Crusades ended more than half a millenium ago, and were not really about religion anyway; it was just a convenient way of adding to the motivation of the troops for a wealth-and-politics venture. And the few loonies who have killed in God's name lately have, unlike Islamists, been quickly and completely repudiated by the huge majority of us.)

2) And on a more spiritual level, I'm trying to visualize Kathy Griffin's appearance before the Throne of God Almighty on Judgment Day... how awkward is THAT gonna be? :-)

It seems a sad and foolish thing for her to do, but don't miss the confirmation of a shift in tone here.

Christianity is no longer safe from public mocking by the elites. Politeness and respect for other views is out the window.

The path is clear, having already been followed in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. Steady steps down that path include casual vandalism, random street violence, and the forcing of second-class citizenship. Jews in France are a bit further down this unfortunate path these days, but it is the same path.

And at the end of the path, as we all know, gulags and torture and mass murder. This is not speculation; it's happened in every country where the left has achieved absolute power.

It is happening today in China, where Christianity can get you killed. Stalin tore down thousands of churches and murdered many thousands of monks and priests. Likewise for Pol Pot, who even had anyone wearing glasses murdered on the grounds that they were 'intellectuals'. Try being a Christian in Vietnam any time during the last thirty years. Or, obviously, North Korea. Try it in ANY Muslim country. Saudi Arabia, friend and ally of the United States, searches suitcases at entry points and confiscates anything Christian, from Bibles to personal jewelry. If you preach Christianity in any of these countries, you will be caught and executed. And any Muslim who converts to Christianity inherits an automatic death sentence from someone, somewhere in Islam.

The reason leftists must destroy Christianity is that their vision of government is threatened by it. Christianity acknowledges a higher power, a higher loyalty, than to the state. Leftists cannot tolerate dissent, as it always represents a threat to their own power.

The right answer, of course, is to run the state in such a way that Christianity is not essentially opposed to it. This is the way our nation was designed. The Bible tells us to respect authority and obey government, on the grounds that "God raises up kings and sets them down", that God is watching over these things. It advocates against civil disobedience except in cases where the government is clearly going against God's wishes for human behavior, as in confiscatory taxation or political imprisonments or mass murders or repression of civil liberties. When governments respect these things, Christians respect government.

But somehow, leftists always manage to get around to doing those things. And they know in advance that they will, hence their infamous purges and mass killings, to get the church out of the way in advance of doing the things the church will oppose. Absolute leftism is congenitally and violently opposed to Christianity, and the more power the left gains here in the States, the worse Christians will fare, both in the public eye and at the hands of government.

Kathy Griffin likes to think of herself as edgy, pushing the envelope, saying what others are thinking. She revels in the publicity. But she is treading the first few steps of a time-worn and dreadful path, and will doubtless bleat when the violence begins that she is not responsible and did not advocate it.

Jesus knows better. :-)

But she is right in a sense; Jesus would probably agree that he didn't have anything to do with her winning that award.

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