Friday, September 14, 2007

A timely reminder

Just as I was getting revved up below about the phony baloney 'journalistic code of ethics' that doesn't really exist, and how they've crafted this mystique for themselves to elevate the profession to heights it doesn't deserve, I came across an ad in the same paper....

It's been running a lot lately in the Dallas Morning News. It's about a third of a page, taller than it is long, and on black print. The human subject is a good looking, rugged sort of male, about thirty, with the upward hair and wet look the young people prefer today.

But he's not a male model. His name is Paul Meyer, and he is a DMN journalist.

I'm sure the fact that he's devilishly handsome is a sheer coincidence, playing no role whatsoever in his being chosen for this ad.

But there's more.

"When a child is stolen from her home, abused, and held captive for nearly half her life, Dallas Morning News writer Paul Meyer sees a story that needs to be told."

Well, thank goodness for Paul. Me, I'm a superficial, cold-hearted, morally disconnected modern American who would never have realized there was a human story there if not for sainted journalists like Paul Meyer. I'm too busy watching Nascar and playing video games and eating at McDonalds. Just a happy fat stupid American who doesn't even realize what's going on around him, that's me.

And of course, it might not be so bad if they had stopped there. But it got worse--

"Journalism is Paul's passion. And helping us understand what can happen in the blink of an eye- and how very important it is to simply be aware- is his own personal way of Helping You Live Better Here."

And no, I did not take liberties; the capitals in the final phrase are as written in the ad.

So, because Paul is a 'passionate journalist', he'll 'raise public awareness' and somehow all our lives will be better. Says so right in the ad.

Gawd, we're so LUCKY! (sob) To be blessed with men like this in our hometown paper, giants of compassion, good and decent men with enough heart and soul and conscience to share it with all of us regular joes who have NONE.....

Who else but these magnificent paragons of virtue would expend their own time and energy and effort 'Helping Us Live Better Here"??!?!?! WHO, I ask you?!?!?!

See the top of the ad? Journalists aren't here to tell us what happened, when, to whom, where, and why... that's just window dressing... they're really here TO TEACH US NEVER TO TURN A BLIND EYE.

That's right. Without a Journalist, clad in the armor of Pure Goodness and striding the earth like a Colossus of Conscience, we the redstate rednecks would be turning a blind eye to the kidnapped little girls of the world... we wouldn't be watching out for our own kids in parks and malls and stuff like that... we just can't manage to care enough, not without help.....

Aren't you just so darn glad we have Journalists in this old world, helping us overcome our own lack of wisdom and decency?

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