Friday, September 21, 2007

Night of the Living Mandelas

Okay, this one is just silly.

Leftards and the media (I know, redundant, yada yada) have apparently decided that the president thinks Nelson Mandela is dead. What a moron, that Bush, eh?

This because the other day Bush used Ryan Crocker's metaphor in a presser, that is to say "where are Iraq's Mandelas? Mandela is dead... Saddam Hussein killed all the Mandelas."

A civil rights leader, a rallier of opposition during political crisis, a flagwaving bigger-than-life visionary who can carry political momentum all by himself-- that is exactly what Iraq needs, and of course Saddam DID kill anyone who had that kind of potential. They were all a threat to him.

This is partly why such attention was given four years ago to that exiled guy whose name currently escapes me. His most obvious qualification was that he wasn't dead, and that was because he wasn't IN Iraq all those years.

Crocker's Mandela metaphor was powerful, and Bush used it properly.

And the leftards always turn out to be the morons, whenever they try to prove that Bush is a moron.

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