Monday, September 24, 2007

"We don't have this phenomenon"

Ahmadinejad said, among other absurdities, that when it comes to homosexuality, "we don't have this phenomenon, and I don't know who's told you that we have it".

You heard it straight from the 'strong horse's mouth'... there are no gays in Iran.

Perhaps not for long, anyway--- as long as his government is doing things like this (HT Captain Ed) and this.

Note the description of the sufferings of one gay Iranian at the hands of his own government--

"When I came to (after 100 lashes), I saw there were several dozen other gay guys in the cell with me. One of them told me that, after they had taken him in, they beat him and forced him to set up dates with people through chat rooms -- and each one of those people had been arrested, those were the other people in that cell with me.”

When I heard this tyrant say there were no gays in Iran, I thought "at last, something that will make liberals see how evil he is".

And there were boos and catcalls when he said it.

I predict, though, that nothing will come of it, no MSM airtime, no great wave of protest by American gay groups. They're all too busy hating Bush, and they simply refuse to stand up for their own principles if there is even a CHANCE that it might seem to help Bush.

Suicidal and sad. And dangerous, because they'll happily take us down with them.

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