Monday, September 24, 2007

Suicidal BDS

You can always count on Gay Patriot's blog to think about issues before taking a position (unlike most of America's blogging gays, his knees don't jerk).

And GP makes sense, as usual, when discussing Sally Kohn, a Jewish lesbian (self identified) who posts on the Daily Kos that she has a little crush on Ahmadinejad.

Oh, don't worry... she knows he'll probably have her killed, but she'll take that chance rather than accidentally be seen to support Bush indirectly by opposing his opponents.

After all, how crazy can a dictator really be if he says Bush is wrong and evil? Doesn't everybody think that?

In fact, she thinks he's cute and cuddly, like Kermit the frog, and she speculates that he may be attractive enough to turn her straight.

Suicidal, deranged, incomprehensible. In that regime, Ahmadinejad might indeed seek to turn her straight, but for that little conversion he would lean less on his own cuddly attractiveness than on his secret police torture teams.

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