Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hsuicide attempt?

Look around the web this morning for more on Norman Hsu, hustler and thief and embezzler and Ponzi schemer and multimillion dollar Hillary campaign financier.

The latest is on the circumstances of his capture on the train in Grand Junction last week.

He was unconscious on the floor of his sleeper, and some of his property had bounced out under the curtain and into the hallway of the car. That is why his fellow travellers alerted management to a problem in his sleeper.

When they went to see, they found him crumpled, shirtless, on the floor. As if he had fallen out of bed but not woken up.

When they picked him up, he couldn't stand on his own and didn't know where he was. He asked at one point if he was in jail.

And the really interesting part? Dozens of pills were rolling around on the floor of his sleeper.

All this is contained in several news stories on Hsu today, but look quickly-- they will disappear soon and we'll never hear about this again.

Hillary has now graduated from returning $23,000 of Hsu's money to returning $850,000 of it. She is in full bail mode, leaving Hsu hanging in the air, shrugging her shoulders, saying 'Hsu who?'.

For the millionth time, try to imagine how this story would be played if Hsu were a Republican financier trying to get Thompson or Giuliani elected. Investigative journalists would have a collective 0rga5m, great prizes would be given to the most industrious of them, and generations of new journalists would be trying to live up to their gallantry and heroism. New Woodwards and Bernsteins would be lauded and applauded, lecture fees would top six figures, and statues of these journalists would be erected in Central Park. Congressmen would be demanding answers in televised hearings for the next thousand years.

And everyone would want to know how far it went, whether Hsu's activities went 'all the way to the top'-- in other words, if it's Bush's fault.

But because it's Hillary and because it's Democrats, one has to cup his ear and strain to hear the thinnest of references to this. And if the cupping and straining come too late, they are to no avail.

I want to know:

Is Hsu connected to the Chinese government?

Is Hsu connected to Riady, Johnny Chung, John Huang, the Lippo group? Is this the same outfit that funded Bill Clinton and that managed to get high level guidance systems for ballistic missiles from the US during his presidency? Is this the same outfit that put Wen Ho Lee into our nuclear research facility to steal the data from those hard drives?


Is Hsu going to be killed? Was this a real suicide attempt or was it staged?


Will there ever be an official inquiry into Hsu's activities by the Justice Department or campaign finance authorities? Does anyone in the government care to follow this as far as it goes? Or do they all just want it to go away?

I"m afraid we all already know the answer to that.

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