Wednesday, September 19, 2007

at the end of the story....

Several bloggers are keeping track of major crimes committed by illegals, and with tenacity and passion they are doing their best to publicize these crimes and support the victims. Fox News contributor and substitute host Michelle Malkin comes to mind, as does radio host and author Laura Ingraham.

The point is obvious; if these men were not here, these crimes would not be committed in America, and Americans would not be victims.

If you're Geraldo the Spitter, or a United States Senator, you poo-poo the crimes as aberrant anecdotes that do not reflect reality. But with each such crime publicized, the aberration comes closer to being the norm. (Perhaps that is why the media tries so hard not to publicize them.)

This one is a little bit different. Here in McKinney, Texas, we have a man whose crime appears to have been the solicitation of the murder of a police officer.

Pardon me if I assume that this is not the first run-in with the law that this man has experienced; why else would he be trying to put out a hit on a COP?

At any rate, it went down this way:

Police kicked in the door of his place, shouting POLICE POLICE and so forth, in the middle of the night. If it was me, even sound asleep, shouting policemen would be enough to make me yell "don't shoot I give up don't shoot I give up!!!" After all, POLICE and POLICIA are similar enough. And no matter what your national origin, everyone knows American police don't shoot if you give up.

But this man said nothing and fired the first shot.

Police responded with fire, and he was hit in the groin. The story (in the dead-tree edition of today's Dallas Morning News) drily notes that he has since undergone surgical castration for his wounds. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

So now he's been sentenced to five years in the slammer, not for solicitation of capital murder but for assault of a public servant (shooting at a cop). Some local libs are doubtless concerned about a railroad job, but for me the two crimes are so similar that it doesn't seem necessary to prosecute the original. The second crime is more easily proven.

The story in the Dallas Morning News is written by DMN's Tiara Ellis, and presumably went past editors before making it to print at the top of page 5B in the metro section today. I only make this clear because in the story, there are nine paragraphs. Only in the final paragraph is the reader informed of the fact that the convicted man, Guillermo Urquiza, is an illegal immigrant from Mexico.

And frankly, I"m surprised they mentioned it at all.

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