Monday, September 24, 2007

While I was there....

At the Gay Patriot, I also found this link to a video on Military Times' website.

It's the story of Channing Moss and the men who saved him.

Moss was delivered from the battlefield to a surgery center with a live RPG impaled in his body.

It could have injured or killed the men who lifted him into the chopper, the pilot and others on board the chopper, and every person who assisted in the surgery. And they all knew it and went ahead, trying to save one man.

There are heroes everywhere and anywhere United States Military uniforms are worn, even by doctors who do not see battle.

Compare this to IEDs, rapes and murders, beheadings... the acts of cowards and thugs....

The contrast couldn't be clearer. And even so, people like Sally Kohn prefer the vile disgusting cowards and thugs, knowing it means their own destruction.

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