Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Spontaneous combustion-- with accelerants

George Soros is what the press used to call a shadowy figure.

He made billions, mostly by shorting US currency. Short-selling at a large scale can be self-insuring, flooding markets with 'sold' currency that then devalues, because of said market flooding, at which point the buyback takes place at lower value and the profits are made.

People who can short on this scale are few, but Soros is the biggest.

He's also just about the biggest single political activist, measured by spending anyway.

And you wouldn't believe what he's been up to.

Nothing is as it appears. Soros is up to some serious skullduggery. There should be laws that require transparency on a more timely and widespread basis than what Soros grudgingly gives us, and of course the press conceals even that by simply not reporting it.

Given he's spent tens of millions on our last two elections and probably even more than that on related issues, it's amazing we are not already a "People's Republic of the United Socialist States".

Just goes to show you that whatever our side is doing, it's keeping the wolves at bay; we cannot afford to go soft.

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