Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"Youths" of no race or national origin are at it again

UPDATE: This story says it all-- note down in the middle, where the writer implies that poverty and minority status are the causes of the anger. That argument is SO over, SO 1970's.



Just like two summers ago, an incident that was unavoidable has been turned into a cause for rioting by 'youths' whose appearance, culture, race, and even skin color, are seldom mentioned in the press.

Apparently two boys on a small (illegally small, in fact) motorcycle ran it into a police car, and they both died.

Now Michelle Malkin has the latest, including a rare sighting of an accurate description of the 'youths' in the press. Rest assured it won't happen again. :-)

One young man exclaims "this is war... we want at least two policemen dead"....

I have news for him; if it was war, he would be running from soldiers shooting at him. It isn't war, it's simple violence and thuggery from him and his 'youth' friends.

And it's part of a long term plan among radical Muslims to cow Europeans into accepting their increasingly important place in Euro society, culminating a generation from now in Islamic numerical supremacy and Islamic government.

One man, one vote, once. When Islamists are in the majority, they'll be elected into control of local and national governments, and then elections will cease and Imams will rule.

The more scenes of violence, flames and destruction we see, the closer it all seems.

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